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Turrican II (Credits SloMo - Work In Progress)

Cobra (Chinese Melancholy)

Spy VS Spy III (Experimental Arctic)

Amiga Remakes (4 CH - Back 2 1999-2002)

WTF Checkpoint:

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Turrican II (Credits SloMo)

This is a "work in progress". Plenty of things to do `til it`s finished. :)
Original by: Chris Huelsbeck


Free MP3 download:

Cobra (Chinese Melancholy)

Original by: Ben Daglish in 1986

(haven`t composed for ages - bear with me, if it sounds not that polished :). Wanted to create something different between all these Cobra-Remixes that are outta there - something that is focused even more on the melancholy touch that the Game Track owns. It just went THIS way through the process. XD )

free MP3 download -

Spy VS Spy III (Experimental Arctic)

Original by: Nick Scarim (c)1987

Free MP3 download:

Amiga Remakes (4 CH - Back 2 1999-2002)

Here are a few Mods I did back in the Days with the Protracker, shortly before I left the Amiga scene. I remember working all Days and Night on this pretty simple 4 Channel Tracks, `cause my talent for Music is VERY limited. Besides the first steps (using Loops and loops and massive Voice Samples zzzZZZ) this was my first attempt to make a "real deal". They are remakes of some great Amiga Mods, but nowadays I just don`t remember who composed the Original. :(


The concept of WTF Checkpoint is simple: checking out some free available (Retro-) Games for PC Windows, showing how they lookalike, a quick evaluation (at the end!) and a link where you can get this piece of Software (if you`re interested in playing it: it`s always in the description). There are still so many free Games outta there, it`s hard to keep an overview of it. So this is, where WTF Checkpoint takes place.

Ruff n` Tumble Mashup was developed by "Ironclaw". Kind of a Remake from the original Amiga Game, but got totally different Levels. The controls are (just like the original) very good and even if the Sounds and Grafix (and even the BOSSES XD) are ripped from Alltime-Classics, it comes along with it`s very own style. If you liked the original, you should give it a try.

You can check it out for free over here:

Even if you never heard about "Giana Sisters" - well, you played Mario, didn`t you ? XD So you know what this game is all about.

"Giana`s Return" is a fantastic Sequel to the Amiga & C64 Classic, with very well designed (and tons of) Levels, catchy (Amiga-like) Music and it got a control of the main Character that comes very close too "perfect". The Developers just haven`t forget to put hidden secrets and Bosses within the Game - besides the Story, that is well...the typical "I`ve got to go and rescue my Sister"-thing - what a surprise. XD

Homepage: !

This is a Remake of the classic Shoot Em Up Game from the Amiga and Atari ST. It`s very, very close to the Original, but some things are improved;
the remake uses a doubled resolution with filtered graphics, remade digital voices and remixed soundtracks (by Jens Schröder). If you wanna get your download (for free), visit the Homepage of the Developers:

Please keep in Mind that this Video runs in lower Resolution and only 25 fps - the Game itself runs smooth.

Like all the other Games in the "WTF Checkpoint" this one is for free. You can check it out over here;

`nuff said. XD

A classic Shoot Em Up with a nice Retro-Style. Kinda reminds me of "Deluxe Galaga". Since the Enemys are coming from all different directions, you have to get used to the 4-way-all-around-shooting. ;) Challenging !

You can play (and download) the Game over here:

Searching through the whole Net you`ll be able to find one or another cool Game, that is deeply hidden in a big bunch of shity, awful & horrible Flash-Games. Since the WTF Checkpoint was brought to life just for all of these free available Games on the Internet , here`s another Game, that is really worth spending Time.

Please keep in mind that this Video runs only with 25 fps - and some lags don`t appear within the Game. ;) (besides: the Starship got a nasty "black Block": that`s the Mouspointer - it doesn`t appear in the game noteither. It`s a bug from the Recording :( - I`m sorry. You can play and download this Shoot Em Up over here:

This turnbased Game seems to be unfinished. There`s no storyline - just the Battle between various Fighters, Mages and Healers that`s been shown over here in the Video. Too bad - because it seems that the Game is/was heading the right direction. Controls, Graphics, Music, Animation - none of them are awful at all. If anybody knows if "Tactics Core" is still in development: comment down below and let us know what the facts are.

You can play and download this Game here:

Here`s another Checkpoint for you. This Time: the classic 2D shoot em up
"Twin Power". Well, it`s fun if you only got a couple of minutes to play between the (neverending) work on your Computer. ;) But, to be honest, it won`t beat all these classic Games like R-Type, Katakis, Gradius...andandand
Something`s really wrong with this very weak Laser-Weapon of the Spaceship. Why would anyone change the blasting Rockets ? of course: It`s cool if you got BOTH for a short period of time (called "Twin Power" ;)) - but switching between the two Weapons isn`t really necessary. You`ll see it in the Video: The flying Asteroids seem too strong for maximum Laserpower (GOSH!)

The gravity isn`t your best friend in this Game. :) You need a very calm Hand if you wanna get through all 40 Levels of "Super Stacker 2". Check out the Video - and if you like these kind of Games, you can play it over here:

For those who don`t know; a "Tower Defence"-Game is a realtime-strategy where you have to defend your Home/Castle/Area (whatever the Setting is) by buying & placing Towers, upgrading them and beat the shi.. out of the forthcoming (and sometimes neverending) rushing enemies. ;) It`s your goal, to let all Foes face a Labyrinth of wrath, so they can barely move on without taking heavy damage. This kind of Game is easy to learn, hard to manage - and will make you totally addictive. ;)

Like all the other Games that`ve been reviewed here in the WTF Checkpoint, this one`s for free. If you like what you see, don`t hesitate to have some real fun over here by playing this Game:

In this (kind of Realtime-Roleplaying-)Game you hire 5 Fighters and make your way through hordes of Enemies. You can level up, create Spells that became useful within the realtime-fights and collect Equipment. The very first 2,3 Hours are very good, but after finishing the Storymode there`s nothing left but random Battles and a (very poor) Multiplayer-part.
Anyways it`s fun for a few couple of Hours to play. So give it a try.

Check this Game out for yourself over here:

Point, Click n`Shoot ? MOOHRHUHN OMFG !? ehhhhh.... yes, indeed. But Elona Shooter gives this most simple Gameplay (you have to defend your Castle with tons of mouseclicks) a fresh taste by adding RPG elements between the Missions. Upgrade the Weapons, improve your Homecastle - you can even hire new Members that defend your Castle. The Game itself is stupid as hell...but it
is for sure an "evolved click `n shoot".

You can give it a try over here;
Sorry for the big black "block" near the Mouspointer. It doesn`t appear in the Game !!!

Like all the other Games that`ve been reviewed in the WTF Checkpoint, this one is also free available.

Cursed Treasure - Don`t touch my Gems - is one of the greatest Freeware-TowerDefence Games. For sure: There are only 3 Towers you can buy to defend your Gems, but as the Game progresses you can upgrade them. This is the perfect Game if you never ever played a "TowerDefence" game so far - and wanna check out how addictive they can make you. ;) But be prepared for hours and hours you`re about to lose because of Cursed Treasures. Blame the russian developers, who did some awesome work. :)
You can play this Game over here:

A TowerDefence game in an (Ultima-) fantasy Scenario. It becomes very difficult at the harder Stages, so be aware that this Game is a tough challenge. ;)

You can play it for free over here:

In this game you`re playing a Businessman with a giant Hammer. You smash Turtles and buy/combine different things to get the ultimate Combo. After ten minutes this Game turns out to be a Screensaver, `cause you can only hit the Turtles once - after that you`re forced to watch and watch and watch...! Sure, hell of a fun if you got no Gaming-skill at all (you don`t need it in "Epic Combo") :/

Get sleepy over here: (direct link to play the Game online)

This Game`s perfect for you, if you like Final Fantasy/Chrono Trigger-kinda RPG`s. Huge, very well balanced, with a great sense of humor. But beware:; It`s Time-consuming like hell - and, of course, very much to read. Say goodbye to your Life. XD

(This is Spoiler-free - well, at least I gave my best X))
Check this Game out over here:

Like all the other Games in the WTF-Checkpoint this one`s for free. Monsters` Den is a very nice RPG-Dungeoncrawler. The only thing is: it`s very repetitive (Fighting, looting, fighting, looting), there are no puzzles - like in the very old "Dungeon Master", "Eye of the Beholder" or "Wizardry" Games - and there are WAY too much Items too handle with. TONS.

But on the other Hand: the Battles are turnbased, sometimes really dramatic and the whole Game is good balanced and very well designed (yeah, it looks & sounds really good for only 1,2 MB data !)

This is an old school Shoot em up, that gets very repetitive after a while. But it isn`t bad at all: very nice graphics, plenty of Weapons to buy in the Shop - and a moderate difficult, that lets you rush through the whole Game without getting totally frustrated. ;)

Check this one out for yourself over here:

(There`s a nasty black Block appearing next to the Mousepointer - this doesn`t appear within the Game (sorry for that))

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